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East Lothian-Where Six Histories Collide  

The Spitfire Project

Where Six Histories Collide


Six World War II Firsts:

    • 1st Air raid on U. K.
    • 1st Spitfire success
    • 1st Prisoners of war taken in UK (POWs)
    • 1st Radar assisted air combat*
    • 1st Royal Navy George Cross
    • 1st R.A.F. Fighter Command D.F.C.

We invite you to become part of
the Spitfire legend!


With your help we shall create lasting memorials for visitors to the John Muir Way and mark for posterity this unique piece of history.

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The Coastal Regeneration Forum is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the maintenance and upgrade of East Lothian's coastline both as a civic asset and a public amenity.

They are committed to commemorating the events of 16th October 1939 with a permanent memorial, telling of the courage of the pilots and sailors involved and the common humanity in extraordinary circumstances they and locals alike found themselves.

The Forum is seeking funds and support for this worthy project.

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